—  LUNCH  —

We have crafted thoughtful dishes with your health in mind. Our food is sourced as locally as possible.
11am-3:00pm — Monday-Friday



—  Mushroom Acquellero  —
 Wild mushroom custard, acquerello rice, truffle,
green onion ash, cepes cracker (V, GF)

—  Curry Crusted Cauliflower —
 Cauliflower steak, yellow curry, roasted broccoli, sweet potato hash, granola (VEG, GF, DF)

—  Paneer —  
 Punjabi spiced spinach, masala peas, cured vine tomato, coriander flatbread, yoghurt crisp, fried cheese curds (V, GF)

—  Beet Crisp —
 Heirloom beets, spiced granola, savoury oats, goat cheese, almond, beet carpaccio (V, GF)

—  Crazy Carrots —
 Trio of carrots, carrot sauce, poached ginger, carrot biscuit, carrot caramel, torched carrot (V)

—  Gnocchi —
  Parisian gnocchi, brown butter, butternut squash, yams, sunflower seed pesto, queso fresco (V, GF)


—  Ginger Shrimp  —
Sustainable shrimp, coconut broth, chickpeas,
eggplant, tofu, mushroom (GF, DF)

—  Steak + Oxtail  —
Teres major and braised oxtail, fingerling potato royale, confit garlic, shallot mustard (GF) 

—  Braised Lamb  —
Braised lamb, brown rice empanada, black beans, mole sauce, tomatillo (DF)

—  Chicharron + Frites  —
Pork belly, yucca frites, sticky brisket,
caramelized cabbage, cumin vinegar (GF, DF)

—  Acini de Pepe  —
House-made pasta, egg yolk, cured pork cheeks,
sage broth, parmesan, ash butter (GF)

—  Melo  —
Filipino chorizo, duck rice lumpia, tamarind,
lemongrass, lacquered duck wing, duck broth

— Chicken + Dumplings —
Punjabi style chicken, fried chicken skins,
dumplings, Brussels sprouts (GF, DF)

— Charcoal Man-Oshue —
Zatar venison sausage, charcoal bread,
duck pastrami, labneh, filberts, honey


—  BRUNCH  —

10am-3:00pm — Saturday & Sunday


Our Benedicts


— Ball Park —
Venison Sausage, caramelized cabbage, fried cheese curds, poached eggs, hollandaise

— Cubano —
House-made pea meal bacon, queso fresco, salsa cruda, cilantro, poached eggs, hollandaise

— Steak —
Teres major, black pepper aioli, shallot mustard, truffle, poached eggs, hollandaise

— Kay FC —
Fried cauliflower, smoked tofu, garlic aioli, poached eggs, hollandaise

— Dirty —
Wild mushrooms, artichoke, sun-dried tomato, truffle, spinach, caramelized onion, aioli, hollandaise

— Masala —
Butter chicken, caramelized potato, granola, poached eggs, hollandaise


Other Funky Food


— Culture —
House-made banana yoghurt, granola, honey, torched banana, goji berries

— Empanadas —
Pork belly and potato, poached eggs, fried avocado, tomato, feta aioli, jalapeño, hollandaise

— Krispie Duck —
 Cured duck spring rolls, krispie fried duck, poached eggs, five spice glaze, pickled ginger, cilantro

— Southern Comfort —
 Cornbread, sticky brisket, poached eggs, yams, queso fundido

— Homestyle Melo —
 Filipino sausage, poached eggs, pork belly, sesame ginger glaze, rice porridge, puffed wild rice, cilantro

— Feeling Cheeky —
  Charcoal bread cracker, poached eggs, arugula salad, goat cheese fritters, pork cheeks, wild mushroom




Our dishes are best shared amongst your table. Combine selections of these shareable dishes to
build your ideal dinner table. Let’s get back to the roots of family dining.
5:00pm-10pm — Wednesday-Saturday



— Green —
Choy sum, tamarind broth, five spice,
black garlic,  almonds

— Brown —
Wild mushroom blend, mushroom custard,
sherry vinegar, truffle powder

— White —
Cauliflower, spiced tempura, ghee,
garam masala, onion and cilantro salad

— Vert —
Kale and collard greens, ginger miso dressing,
sweet potato, sesame

— Orange —
Yams, carrot, butternut squash, basil tahini,
sesame, shaved apple

— Purple —
Roasted eggplant, smoked tofu, basil tahini,
sunflower seed pesto, pickled ginger

— Verde —
Caramelized cabbage, shallot, sage,
pistachio, Brussels sprouts


— Acini de pepe —
Hand-rolled pasta, brown butter, guanciale, mushroom, parmesan, egg yolk

— Empanada —
Brown rice empanada, Mexican stew,
marinated tomatoes

— Madras Poutine —
Fingerling potato chips, curried spinach,
fried cheese, chilies, cilantro

— Congee —
Stewed rice, smoked tofu, basil tahini,
puffed rice, spinach powder

— Yucca —
Cassava root, caramelized cabbage,
black garlic, dark mayonnaise

— Gnocchi —
Parisian gnocchi, goat cheese,
bacon-basil powder, buttermilk

— Savoury Bread Pudding —
Sour dough, caramelized cabbage, smoked cheddar,
brown butter, pork sauce


— Smoked Tofu —
Tahini crusted smoked tofu, basil,
filberts, shallots

— Cured Salmon —
Mi-cuit salmon, citrus, soy, shimeji mushrooms

— Duck Wings —
Lacquered duck wings, smoked hoisin,
black truffle powder

— Octopus —
Sous-vide octopus, ponzu, coconut broth

— Sausages —
Filipino duck sausage, venison,
bratwurst, duck pastrami

— Pork Belly —
Chicharron, mussel stew, garlic

— Teres Major —
Beef steak (MR), braised oxtail,
whipped ash butter, truffle

— Chicken —
Punjabi style, yellow curry, fried chicken skins

— Lamb —
Lamb shoulder, yucca, cumin, mole sauce



— Forbidden Fruit —
Molten spiced chocolate, whipped mascarpone, vanilla, sponge, passion fruit

— Oh, Pistachio —
Feuilletine cracker, pistachio curd, pistachio jam, pistachio marzipan

— Dough and Nuts —
Drebot’s doughnut, hazelnut mouselline, meringue, sea salt, crystallized walnuts

— Childhood Dreams —
Short dough, pineapple jam, coconut shake, cinnamon

— Birthday Cake —
Red velvet, double whipped icing, bing cherries, white chocolate, strawberry pearls